Data Security

At Green-Tech Recycling, Safeguarding your “Confidential Data” is our utmost priority, we offers safe & secure removal of info from your HDD and Data Tapes. With our latest & innovative technology we will help you in keeping your company, employees, personal and client info confidential. We are going to assist you meet these new physical safeguard rules by fully demagnetizing all data from onerous drives and tapes.


Degaussing of HDD and Data Tapes

Degaussing, referred to as erasing of Data from HDD, for good removes all information, data format and management track data from tapes and onerous drives. A well-built centered force field envelopes the media dynamical, the magnetic properties of the whole information space in seconds. Demagnetization erases operating and non-working media guaranteeing information security.


Destruction of HDD and Data Tapes

To more enhance the protection of your information, GTR offers physical Winchester drive destruction when demagnetization. Whereas demagnetization for good erases the Winchester drive, the Winchester drive isn't visually altered creating it not possible to spot degaussed media from non-degaussed media. Physical destruction can curve the visual detection necessary to completely determine onerous drives that are properly sterile. Additionally, physical destruction can guarantee that nobody tries to recover the info.



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