With progressive engineering, GTR will handle a good sort of merchandise and materials, together with the whole vary of IT and electronic assets. we have a tendency to primarily target circuit board based electronics, that are the main focus of most e-waste regulation, including: shopper electronics like cell phones, DVDs,and televisions; IT instrumentation like computers, monitors, and hard drives and high-end communications instrumentation like server plants. However, we'll settle for instrumentation from all of the Waste Electrical and equipment (WEEE) classes:

WEEE recovered by Green-Tech Recycling:

• Mainframes, Minicomputers

• Personal Computers (CPU with input and output devices)

• Laptop (CPU with input and output devices)

• Notebook, Notepad

• Printers including cartridges

• Electrical and electronic typewriters

• Pocket and desk calculators

• Cordless telephones

• Cellular telephones

• Television sets (including LCD & LED)

• All types of PCB Circuits

• Washing Machine

• Microwave

• Stereo

• Refrigerator

• Plastics

• Mobiles

• Electronic batteries

• Generators

• Air-conditioners

• Motors etc.

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